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Engage: Nebula - in a galaxy of its own

  • a. overkamp
  • Nov 23, 2011

Engage: Nebula, a new DotNetNuke 5 skin Earlier last week we released Engage: Nebula, a DotNetNuke 5 skin package. The skin is developed using CSS and designed around deep, dark color palettes, balanced space. The design is inspired by Star Wars: the Clone Wars, working off of the arts deep colors and stylized high contrast. The skin comes with 6 different color options, four layouts, and 6 containers. Each layout is carefully spaced to give the site even weight and balance, and when combined with the multiple containers, give your content a clear and custom way to shine. The skin package includes the original Photoshop file for easy customization, 6 unique colors, 4 layouts, and 6 containers. The force is strong with this one!

Engage: Nebula is available in three different licenses: Standard, Premium, and Enterprise. With Standard, you receive a single install of the skin. The Premium license includes a single install, with a module bundle; Engage: Rotator Lite with a customized template designed especially for Nebula to be used in the banner area (as seen on the demo). Enterprise includes all the same great features as premium, but with multiple installs.

I had a lot of fun with this design, especially given the source of inspiration!. It was really nice to create a skin that was a little different than our normal offerings, something a little more personal, and different. Switching out neutral colors, for rich, deep colors and soft textures was a great change of pace, and hopefully will make your site look awesome!

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