A Detailed Narrative of My Misadventures

Back from 2012 Day of DotNetNuke

  • a. overkamp
  • Jun 04, 2012

This years Day of DotNetNuke in Charlotte, NC was my second time presenting at the event, and overall I think it was a success. It was a great event as always, with plenty of knowledge, appreciation, and laughs shared. I was glad to see the love for my shirt designs first hand, as we handed out leftover picard t-shirts from last years DNN World. I didn't attend last year, so it was nice to witness crowds positive reaction and appreciation for the shirts. The DNN Core members, sponsors, and of course the guys at Queen City User Group really pulled it off.

Picard Wave

My slides were only a small piece my presentation, however I have made them available as a repository on github, at https://github.com/aoverkamp/presentations if anyone is interested. A large portion of both presentation was more an open conversation, opening up for discussion about what it means to have a content strategy and why we should think about mobile first for our designs. Both presentations covered a lot of "Why" questions revolving around design strategy and mobile, so with that in mind, I am hoping that I can share some "How" versions next time around. I think that the theory and strategy is equally as important as the actual way to put these workflows into action; however I know demos and seeing it work is a lot more sexy. Hopefully I can submit to share these sessions by this years DNN World later in October.